Ideal Mix of Vape Juice to Buy

A lot goes into finding Vape Juice which is perfectly suited to your tastes. When it comes to finding the best vape, everything from flavor to PG/VG ratio matters.

What is PG & VG

PG stands for propylene glycol and VG is short form of vegetable glycerin. Everyone will agree that mixing flavors to find a good all day vape is extremely important, and hugely subjective, but the ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin is also a crucial factor. Although both chemicals have intimidating sounding names, they are both safe and marked as safe by the US food and drug administration.

Propylene glycol is the chemical in e liquid which is responsible for creating the throat hit which makes a vape feel full bodied, while vegetable glycerin creates thicker plumes of vapor. As well as these considerations, a vaper must also consider how the PG/VG ratio will respond to their Vape device. VG is considerably more viscous than the more watery PG, which means that vape device with smaller airholes run the risk of getting clogged up more easily, leading to dry burns.

Many commercially available e-juice are not available in the ideal range of PG/VG ratios, which means that even if you find a flavor which you like, the chemicals the flavor is suspended in may not suit you. This is especially important for vapers with PG or VG allergies. Therefore, one option is making your own by mixing your own e-liquid, you have complete control over not only how vape will taste, but how it will feel and the amount of vapor it will produce as well.

The alternate best option is to find Vape Juice which comes in ideal mix of 80% VG / 20% PG. The most trustable vendor to source your Vape Juice in the ratio of 80% VG / 20% PG is Eliquid Depot for which you can check the details for vape juice on its official website. I personally prefer Candy King brand vape juice myself.


As well as these considerations, it is worth considering the relative safety of various vape juices. While there are companies out there that do make great Vape Juice. Some of the best e-juice, there are just as many unscrupulous companies out there who will not think twice about selling substandard and sometimes even dangerous Vape Juice. While in the EU Vape Juice manufacturers and vendors have to meet fairly strict requirements, the regulations in countries like China and the Philippines are much more lax.

By mixing your own Vape Juice, provided you buy only the purest of ingredients, you are in complete control of what goes into your mixes, and therefore into your body! As long as you make sure that all of your equipment is well maintained and thoroughly cleaned, your Vape Juice will be of the highest quality and hygiene ratings.


If you are in budget and can not afford premixed Vape Juice from Eliquid Depot, you can DIY. One of the most compelling reasons to mix your own ejuice is the cost savings you’ll make. Although Eliquid Depot provide you some pretty good quality cheaper Vape Juice, you can make on your own as well.