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‘’Dance is something that can wake up all emotions in a person at any given moment, instantly’’

Russian ballerina


Dancing doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. It can be simple, and fun.


You will learn how to dance with the help of experts and professional dancers.


You can have fun while learning, before and after.

Hi You

My name is Amanda and I can teach you how to dance

Together we can accomplish anything. You can learn how to dance like a pro, you can learn how to become a ballerina and you can learn so much more. All I need from you is your time and effort and nothing more.

What others have to say

‘’I have no complaints. The learning is fun, appealing and my child can dance right now. Well-done and thank you so much.’’

Joanne J Antoine

‘’My daughter wanted to dance so we took her to one class. Now she is in her 10th class and she still love it. Great and perfect service.’’

Paul C Evans

‘’There are no issues here. Everything is professional, comes with impressive attention to detail and the results are fantastic.’’

Walter J Taylor

‘’Yes I am old (20 years of age) but I started learning how to dance and guess what? I learned and now I can dance any dance I like. Great experience.’’

Sarah J Dupuis

‘’The experience is the best in my life. This was something I would like to recommend to all of you and something you will be happy to try for yourself.’’

Kenneth E Reece

‘’I have been learning how to dance for over 3 months now and I am progressing faster than ever before. Thank you so much and see you next time.’’

Lauren G Rocha